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commercial-leasing-miami-design-districtThe Design District in Miami is one of the fastest growing most innovative areas for commercial leasing use in Miami – Dade county. The area has been revamped and filled with life through the vision of unparalleled creativity and modernized state of the art designs and building architecture. Attracting investment giants from New York, Atlanta, L.A. and of courses other places alike; especially from those right here in Miami! Which in turn gives way for nothing but the best in high in retail and services.

Luxury at its very finest, being presented in an exuberant display of magnificence. Catering to the those only accepting absolute excellence! In this area commercial space is king due to the simple fact that it has the overwhelming ability to attract those with high taste and an eye for being at the pinnacle of great living. The most exhilarating part is that Design 41 is going to be right at the heart of it all.

Presenting a very fresh and modernized display! Inviting high in, luxury, businesses to stake their claim and make their presence felt! Design 41 will be the king of commercial real estate! Design 41 will be host to multiple luxuries from top of the line highly rated critically acclaimed restaurants to high in brand name clothing companies! Offering an overwhelming opportunity to designers business owners and others alike in the luxury industry.

Providing many varying options with office space alone any where from fifteen hundred to nine thousand square feet. With ability to take over and design office space or leave it up to Design 41 to suit the tenants every need and imaginable ideals! The building will also feature an immaculate high value restaurant to suit all of its tenants and in coming business! Placed in a wonderful location with amazing views of the design district from South Beach to Downtown Miami.

In commercial real estate in the Miami design district the location of Design-41 could not have been imagined any better; for a business owner or business operator trying to make a bold statement and achieve the specified highly valued target market, that is provided by the Miami design district in itself, than in an area like this being afforded to you by the fearless masterminds at Design 41.

Design-41 will be raising the standards of luxurious experience in commercial real estate in the Miami Design District and imprinting a mark exceedingly attractive to all who desire to work design dine and aspire to be the blood flow in the heart of it all! Life in the Miami design district will be taken to greater heights and lengths due to the invigorating commercial real estate that Design 41 will boldly bring into play.

Leasing at Design 41 will be the best decision you have made as a high in luxury business owner/operator since you decided to become a high in luxury business owner/operator! Spread your presence of luxury retail, ultra fine cuisine, and top of the line services to the luxurious Miami Design District.

You can achieve this more than possible feat when you choose to use Design 41’s state of the art commercial real estate building; right at the heart of what is coming into one of the worlds go to spots for luxurious living and spending!

Acquire top of the line professionals to help design a very effective floor plan to service your clients and increase your overall return on your investment! Surround yourself with businesses, retail stores, and cuisine related to catering your same type of taste and overall marketing preference! Design 41 is focused and determined to creating a solid foundation and everlasting presence to be felt in the Miami Design district!

For more information about luxury commercial leasing in Miami’s Design District, FL , please contact Design 41 today by calling (305) 504-9366 for leasing inquiries. Design 41 is located at 112 -130 NE 41st Street in Miami’s Design District. Visit our website

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